RS MerchantEdge™

RS MerchantEdge™ is a comprehensive digital platform that streamlines merchant interactions with ISOs and PSPs, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the time taken by acquirers to originate and fulfill their merchants’ needs. It provides a complete system of record for merchant management and can be easily integrated with any sales or Customer Relationship Management system to manage the end-to-end merchant lifecycle. Features include:

  • Lead generation
  • Collection and validation of merchant data
  • Processor on-boarding
  • Underwriting
  • Digital contract signing
  • Equipment management
  • Terminal downloads
  • ISO boarding
  • Agent management hierarchy
  • Residual payment management
  • Payment initiation through a virtual terminal
  • Billing & settlement
  • Chargeback workflow
  • Data analytics

  • It includes a Merchant Portal that acquirers can use to help their merchants monitor their business via a user-friendly dashboard. RS MerchantEdge™ is fully validated by the PCI Security Standards Council, conforming to PA-DSS v3.2 requirements.

    RS iFinSwitch™

    RS iFinSwitch™ is a modern, API based digital switch for front-end acquiring. It has a multitude of features which include:

  • Rule-based transaction orchestration
  • Workflow management
  • Routing
  • Unlimited formats using adapters
  • Time-out processing
  • Assured transaction response
  • Encryption management
  • Logging and audit trails

  • It can support both card-present and card-not-present payment methods. The multi-purpose platform is built using a modular microservice-based architecture that can be used as a payment gateway, a front-end processor or a fully functional processing platform. Its API-first design ensures it can communicate with the most modern devices using API based calls.

    RS Test2Pay™ (3DS2)

    RS Test2Pay™ (3DS2) is a unique 3DS 2.0 test simulator platform based on the newest EMVCo standard. Our scalable architecture is unique since it delivers an authentication sandbox to encourage collaboration and innovation for authentication use cases. It is a cloud-hosted, web-based platform built on a multi-tenant model to support multiple users simultaneously. RS Test2Pay™ also supports end-to-end testing for 3DS 2.1, in compliance with the EMVCo guidelines.The platform simulates, tests and automates testing acros the entire payments ecosystem: Different components include theAccess Control Server (ACS), Directory Server (DS), 3DS requestor, and 3DS client using a service virtualization technique.. Architected to support a high volume of transactions it can drive large batches of transactions to test any system’s throughput. Configuration and automation of testing and test cases is business friendly to reduce dependency on limited IT and testing resources. The platform is extensible so that any ISO or API based message format can be tested.

    Real Time Payments

    RS-RTPS ™ is an online, real-time payment processing platform that is capable of processing millions of transactions at a very high speed. RS has implemented real-time payments platform, UPI, for India, which is processing 900 Million+ transactions per month with zero downtime since going live in 2016.”This digital platform will integrate all upstream and downstream systems seamlessly using its interface adapters.

    On the front-end, the platform provides API based integration to banks. These APIs are primarily the payment APIs and the supporting meta-APIs that enable authentication, payment, and notification functions. The participating banks will have an API based “connector” software to connect to the central hub similar to the way they are connected to a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system..

    RS Software provides the RTPS-Connect ™ product for banks to connect to the central hub; or the bank can choose their own IT partner for implementation. For the fastest implementation, RS recommends using RTPS-Connect™. Omni-channel access and even 3rd-party payment application integration can be done using secured API’s. All form factors and most alternative payment methods involved in digital payments like QR codes are supported, whether the connected device originating the transaction is a mobile phone [app], internet banking, kiosk banking, mobile banking, digital wallets, e-money applications, or any other emerging FinTech.

    RS-RTPS™ is built on a modern, open-source technology using micro-service based modular architecture. The platform is scalable both horizontally and vertically on-demand as volume grows. The platform can be implemented in multiple data centers in Active-Active mode or Active-Passive mode ensuring 99.999% availability and near-zero recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). The platform supports end-to-end encryption using the RSA 2048 bit encryption methodology.

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