Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Analytics

Data is the new currency

Monetize quality data, drive insights and actions, reduce friction and fraud, create value with digital products, build and maintain trust

Data cleansing and normalization are at the forefront of master data management. Moreover, the global digital payment ecosystem is generating data at a tremendous pace. Together with the demand for value add is leading to the emergence of a large number of data products and services. These support an ever-growing array of business capabilities for intelligent players with the means of applying analytics to improve the customer experience. An uplift of revenue and an increase in their average acceptance ticket size reduces the risk from evolving models and rules associated with dynamic fraud detection and the likelihood of default by industry stakeholders.

Continuous technology advances in the field of data science Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is facilitating the extraction of valuable information at every stage of the payments lifecycle by using statistical and scientific techniques, thereby leading to the development of these new solutions and service offerings. More points of interaction coming from the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to drive more automated origination through payments as your smart fridge automatically reorders your groceries for fulfillment by a drone that arrives at your home.

Data assets, predictive, and adaptive analytics are being leveraged to build innovative One View solutions for Customer, Merchant, and other entities in the Payments ecosystem to provide value-added and targeted services. Mature data sources with high-quality data elements are being harnessed to implement solutions that lower risk for digital payments, yet offer a seamless and enriched user experience during and after a payments transaction. Integrations through APIs also open up avenues for sharing of data assets with partners in the payments ecosystems to provide value-added services like offers and loyalty programs to end consumers.

What RS can do for you

  • Leverage big data technology to implement a data lake, and apply advanced analytics to achieve data quality and entity resolution resulting in a one-customer view and enhanced reporting. Check out RS Analytics Suite, Data Quality Factsheet and Data Migration Factsheet
  • Leverage RS advanced analytics capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive actionable insights resulting in instantaneous value for merchants and consumers
  • Deliver an enterprise-class fraud and risk management platform leveraging AI and ML which supports multiple payment products (cards, checks, ACH, RTP, etc.) on a single platform
  • Achieve a customer-centric view with an integrated data solution
  • Build and implement an enterprise data platform to support various business solutions such as offer management, loyalty programs, customer 360 view, merchant profiles, etc.

  • Designed, architected and built the enterprise data warehouse for the world’s largest payment network
  • Implemented master data management, data quality and entity resolution for two global networks to deliver enriched merchant profile. Click here for Data Quality Case Study, Merchant Data Platform Case Study.
  • Provided managed services for one of the worlds largest payment network for enterprise data warehouse and information products
  • Implemented the in-country payment infrastructure across faster payment central infrastructure , bill payments and fraud and risk management platform at national level which is rated #1 in-country infrastructure in an assessment conducted by FIS Global Survey, processing 900+ million transactions per month supporting an economy of 1.3 billion people
  • Built and operated central fraud and risk management platform catering to all 18 channels of electronic payments at a national level
  • Delivered one of the largest data warehouses of card-based payments that link to uniformly resolved reference entities of merchants, stores, cards and more which enabled value-added use cases for the issuers and acquirers.
  • Implemented nationwide large scale data lake of payments transactions covering all electronic payments at a national level.
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